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hai. saya eju. saya blog pasal macam2 subjek dan peristiwa. menetap di London utk 9 bulan dan di Malaysia utk 3 bulan, setiap tahun sehingga 2015.

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camo confession-my acne story

Caution: this post contains highly unappealing selfies.

I have followed cassandra's youtube since 2012, but I never really understood what she's
going through until I got bad breakouts january this year. (well; probably not entirely because
her struggle with acne is much greater than mine and I really admire her strength)


having acne has never bothered me much until people pointed it out with shock (and maybe with disgust);
& the comments usually come from people who are closest to me.I know they're just concerned about me
but knowing that they see my acne as an imperfection, it gave me the idea that everybody else sees it that
 way; and it becomes more emotionally painful than it is physically. And being surrounded by people who
don't have acne makes me feel even worse as nobody actually really understands how I feel.

That's when I started to rely on makeup to cover those pimples to make myself feel better. and I hate that
 I have let my pimples make me feel this way and I hate that I now use makeup to cover up instead of using
 it for self-satisfaction. And I wanna let go (at least a bit) of this insecurity by posting my bare face here.

this is. my camo confession.

before and after putting on concealer+foundation (no filter)
with eyeliner on. using my phone's camera.


talking about my pimples, I believe that they were caused by stress, hormones, and my diet. [link]
I have checked the ingredients of my skincare products and my cosmetics; all are safe and non-
comedogenic. plus, I usually break out when I'm at home during weekends/breaks when I have no
makeup on, so I'm pretty sure that the products I'm currently using are fine. 

Having acne might actually be a blessing from God because I can now understand what people with acne
are going through, it forces me to start learning about how my body works and to actually start taking care
 of myself by changing my lifestyle. Here's what I've been doing to get rid of my acne:

1- Following 'the regimen' routine [link
2- Exercise everyday or every other day
3- Drink plenty of water
4- Eat nutrients-rich food: fruits and vege everyday
5- Change my pillowcase everyday
6- Believe that my skin will heal

I have also started taking l-glutathione and vitamin c pills for more than a week now and I can feel that
my skin is healing. Alhamdulillah, the pimples have all turned into scars. but I don't wanna be too happy
yet because breakouts can happen anytime, especially since I have exams at the end of this month *sigh*

I hope I can make an entry like this [link] someday; giving tips on how to get rid of acne.
I have understood how my body works in terms of weight, and I hope someday
 I will understand how my body works in terms of keeping my skin clear. insyaAllah

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