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hai. saya eju. saya blog pasal macam2 subjek dan peristiwa. menetap di London utk 9 bulan dan di Malaysia utk 3 bulan, setiap tahun sehingga 2015.

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of education

I once wrote a post entitled 'no one is better than anyone else' [link]
which was basically based on somebody's way of behaving. because
'every sinner has a future and every saint has a past' -oscar wilde.

topik ni kembali menerjah kat fikiran aku selepas dengar beberapa kisah mengenai
professor yang tak beretika; yang menerbitkan hasil kerja seorang pelajar phd atas
namanya sendiri dan since the work had been patented, the phd student couldn't
graduate 'cos she would've been accused of plagiarism if she submits her work.

after listening to that story, it strikes me that education doesn't
 make you a better person than anybody else either, does it?
if it does, how could an educated man did such unethical 
and immoral thing to an innocent person?

I am humbled to say that I've known soooo many great people who taught me sooo
many great things about life, but fate didn't allow them to obtain high level of education.
but they're so great & I'm saying this in all honesty that I'm almost crying right now.
because two of those great people, are none other than.. my parents :')


cerita drama kat tv3 selalu siarkan kisah pasal anak yang lupa daratan and I've always
seen my mom shed her tears and said 'eju dah berjaya nanti jangan jadi macam tu'. and
aku selalu balas 'mak niiii, tu cerita je lahhh'. I know it won't happen sebab I love my 
parents so much, I won't do anything that would hurt them. tapi apa yang aku selalu 
lupa adalah, my parents' sacrifices to get me to where I am now. :'(

7-days a week, 5am to 2pm of non-stop hard work; carrying heavy stuff & standing until
 the knees wobble; just to raise money to provide for the family. I often forget all that sebab
mak abah dah berhenti kerja since aku habis spm; and I shouldn't ever forget all that.
'cos in the remembrance of my parents' struggle; I would have NO reason to be lazy.
Exam's coming soon and I MUST study hard to make them proud. 

and more importantly; is learning to be a better person than who I am the previous day.
cos uni education alone doesn't make me a great person; and to be a great person like my
mom and dad, I need to learn from every single thing that life offers; experiences, people 
from all walks of life, this beautiful world, my beautiful  religion, and everything :)

and most importantly; sampai akhir hayat pun I would never be (or think that I am) 
better than anybody else.'cos everyone is better than me in many different aspects.

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