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hai. saya eju. saya blog pasal macam2 subjek dan peristiwa. menetap di London utk 9 bulan dan di Malaysia utk 3 bulan, setiap tahun sehingga 2015.

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Charity Week dinner 2013

khamis lepas, aku pergi ke charity week dinner organised by imperial college islamic society.
my juniors: hazee & kd pergi, aku pun join la mereka. diorang buat dinner kat porchester hall 
kottt. the place where demi lovato did an intimate performance when she came to london
last summer. you can check out her performance dekat vevo. alang2 cerita pasal demi ni,
I planned to watch her intimate concert walaupun masatu tengah exam; sebab it was free
and bukan senang nak dapat peluang ni kan. but unfortunately, the vevo people gave 
wristbands to people who camped the night before. soooo unfairrrr.

anyways, back to the charity week dinner. had an amazing time finding the outfit and attending 
the dinner itself. the venue was amazing, the food was great, and the people are soooo generous. 
satu malam saja, they raised 5 angka matawang pounds for orphans and needy children. :) 
amazingg. and even the students donated thousands of pounds. terasa kerdil sangat tengok 
betapa sucinya hati mereka, masyaAllah :)

ootn with hazee and kd

aren't they cute? :)

idk why but i have a 'thing' with this kind of lampu

the hall

the food

the things to be auctioned for charity

auction time!

the stairs. classic dinner pic

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