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L'occitane shea butter products review

Since I am still in the mood of writing reviews, I'mma write a proper review on L'occitane as promised on my January's post [link]. But I'll just comment on the shea butter range since I've decided to stop using 'em and will comment on the L'occitane precious eyebalm in a few months later because I want to finish the whole bottle before capturing the 'after' photo of my eyes to see the changes.

have used 3/4 of the products

L'occitane Ultra Gentle Cleansing Milk (2.0 star)
I'm quite surprised to discover the texture of this cleansing milk because I thought all cleansing
products should produce foam, but the texture of this cleansing milk stays like a yogurt even after
rubbing it between my palms. tbh, my face doesn't feel clean after using it though it somehow 
moisturizes my skin. I figured out from youtube that I don't need to rinse my face after using this
cleanser; I just need to wipe my face using a clean towel. and that makes my face feels oily. nu-uh.

L'occitane Fresh Face Water (4.5 star)
I think this is the best product from the shea butter range. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and
I usually skip using moisturizer because this product alone is enough for me.

L'occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream (3.5 star)
I'm not sure how many stars should I give this product because it sometimes works fine, but
some other times, it makes my skin feels oily but still flaky. It doesn't help preventing acne
so, I'd say, this product doesn't work that well on me. 


I've just figured out that my skin wasn't dry during winter, it was just dehydrated. That was why
my skin was oily but flaky. I think L'occitane helped my skin produces more oil while what I really 
needed was moisture/water. might try to use garnier moisture rescue later when I get back to London.

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