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hai. saya eju. saya blog pasal macam2 subjek dan peristiwa. menetap di London utk 9 bulan dan di Malaysia utk 3 bulan, setiap tahun sehingga 2015.

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political-obsessed people
there's a huge difference between expressing your opinions,
and shoving your opinions down other people's throat.

from what i see, a lot of the people i know prefer the latter.
and i really don't understand why.

couldn't there be a win-win situation?
couldn't you respect other people's opinion?
did you think that u're always right and the others r always wrong?

self-opinionatedness and self-centeredness ain't give you no good, buddy.

since the 'bersih rally' issue, i see my friends divided (almost equally) into two groups;
one supports bersih rally, and one doesn't. they have their very own reasons for their opinions.

i, as an observer, am very displeased to see people arguing on their opinions using harsh words, trying to show that they're on the right side. but little did they know about what's in the other person's point of view. what they did were assuming the other side's views. they wouldn't care to listen and try to understand, but all they did were telling what they know which they think was right. most assumptions are false judgements, buddy.

before i end, i want to make it clear that my observations were based on both sides. do not ever assume that i'm only targetting a particular individual or whoever. again, most assumptions are false judgements, buddy.

i just hope that malaysians will be more respectful towards one another,
be it this party's supporters or that party's supporters. peace out! =)

p/s: tetibe speaking london lak arini. kehkeh
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