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hai. saya eju. saya blog pasal macam2 subjek dan peristiwa. menetap di London utk 9 bulan dan di Malaysia utk 3 bulan, setiap tahun sehingga 2015.

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bye 2008.. hello 2009!! =)
wahh mase blalu dgn cpat!! 2008 blalu pergi, dtgla 2009.. hari2 terakhir 2008 ni, aku lakukan byk flashback.. & aku tgk gmbar2 mase dulu2.. aku rase aku dah brubah gak ar.. tgk gmbr2 ni, pipi aku makin kurang tembam kot.. hihi=) alhamdulillah..

2008 is a year full of exciting experiences and sweet memories.. i'm surely gonna miss u, 2008 :'( .. jom kte flashback bulan demi bulan
my 2nd brother's wedding
akhirnye angah dah pun nikah.. i'm so happy 4 him=)


kyser day
ex-students kys dtg membanjiri skolaku yg kcik ini.. my friends & i buat jualan haram mase sports activity..hahah.. malam tu, me & my classmates buat performance tarian tradisional=)

refresh magazine
i was chosen to be the chief editor of refresh magazine by the archive club

sports day
i was the project manager of the house decoration competition, representing razak, my sports house.. razak got 2nd in this competition but overall, we won!! the track is ours!!!! XD (it was a draw right before the last event but razak managed to beat the other houses in the very last event which was 4x100m girls class 1.. phewww!!)

teachers' day
the form 5 students buat drama performance.. aku blakon jadi student je..hihi

pnoh dgn mid-year exam..=(

students from perth, australia dtg ke kys..
archive club buat lakonan hari raye..

100 days to spm launching ceremony
i designed the banners!! XD

cabaran merdeka
oh,jgn slh sgke.. aku xmasuk pon cabaran merdeka ni, tp aku jd spy.. aku tlah ditugaskan bsama ella & we called ourselves 'the girls in pink' (ala2 men in black..hehe).. kami jadi spy undercover sbg tourists from indonesia.. tp kantoi dgn hampir semua group..hahah XD.. miss u, ella

talentime competition
kami x masuk, tp kami melawa..hahah

1st Ramadhan
bermulalah terawih!! perbykkan ibadat sunat beramai-ramai


raya aidilfitri
1st day mmg meriah sbb the whole family ade.. tp 2nd day, sunyi, sume balik rumah mertua masing2.. =(

grooming class
aku dijadikan role model utk pakaian yg x sesuai utk interview..hahah!!!

razak house annual dinnerthis year's annual dinner was the most meaningful 1..

omg.. last-minute revision adlh teramat2 penting!!!

zaim bukhary was born=)
angah yg kahwin bulan jan dah dpt seorg bayi yg kiut miut!!

farewell dinner ='(
last moments together with my friends & teachers

forget about 2008, let's look forward to 2009=)
i hope 2009 will be a better year.. i wanna make lots of new friends and i'll do my best to achieve my dreams!!!
& right now, i'm listening to the song one step at a time by jordin sparks=)
you wanna show the world but no 1 knows ur name yet
wonder when and where and how u gonna make it
u know u can, if u get the chance
in ur face as the door keeps slamming
now u're feeling more & more frustrated
& u're getting all kind of impatient waiting
we live & we learn to take 1 step at a time
there's no need to rush
it's like learning to fly
or falling in love
it gonna happen & it's
supposed to happen that we
find the reasons why
one step at a time.....
& my next step would be: getting a scholarship=)
kakak slalu buli eju
ble mak marah, kakak tuduh eju yg buat
ble mak suroh ambikkan brg, kakak suro eju ambikkan
ble eju marah kakak, kakak ngadu kat mak
ble kakak marah eju, eju ngadu kat mak, mak marah eju balik
ble mak suruh buat keje, kakak pas keje kat eju
ble eju tanye kakak bnde yg eju xpaham, akak marah2
kakak slalu ckp eju 'doh'
kakak slalu tinggikan suare kakak kat eju
kakak ade aje modal nak kutuk eju

akak tetap kakak eju
kakak yg ble mood die baik, die blanje eju
kakak yg tahan ngan kerenah eju
kakak yg sanggup dgr celoteh eju
kakak yg slalu temankan eju
kakak yg dgr crite2 eju
kakak yg kongsi rahsie dgn eju

& arini kakak balik ukm
eju kate eju xkan rindu kakak
tp eju dah rindu kakak pon
boring seh xde org nak gaduh XD

buh-bye kak.. jumpe gi nnti..

*i noe my sis won't read this.. laptop die rosak..hahah
what do u call this thing? taggy?
emm.. ni cam kene interview camtu eh? hahah..hentam je la eik, tomato XD

Start time : 00.00

Random facts about myself

-bname eju...
-ske bazir mase
-ske lukes
-ske gunting rmbut org (baru gunting rmbut mak)
-ske tido=11 jam sehari
-ske tgk binatang cam semut angkat brg
-ckup la tu eik


First name:

Name you wish you had: ni sedap pe!!

What do people normally your name as:

10th august 1991

atas katil hospital seremban

Time of birth:
3.40am klu xsilap

Single or taken:
single mingle

Zodiac sign:
leo!! roar!!!

My appearance

How tall are you:
162 kot.. sbb 161 mase form4

Wish you were taller:
ckup2!! xnak!!!

Eye color :
brownish black ke blackish brown

Current hair color:
itam legam

Short or long hair:
pkai tudung ler..xleh gitaw!

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:

Last time you did something dramatic with you hair:
potong rambut sndiri.. cos mase tu xde org nk aku potongkan rmbut diorg!! =(

Glasses or contacts:
glasses... nak kluarkan bulu mate tmasuk dlm mate pon takut, nak pkai contacts hapenye!!

Do you wear make up:
sometimes.. erhh.. slalu.., tp nipis2 punye hihi

Paint your nails:
pnah.. kaler brick red, pastu mak marah..hahahXD

Shy or outgoing:

Sexy or cute:
xbrape nak cute

Serious or fun:
fun.. ble kene crious, jdla crius!

A turn on:
lawak bodo yg bole digelakkan

A turn off:
tengking2 tnpe sbb munasabah

This or That

Flowers or chocolates:

Pepsi or coke:

Rap or rock:

Relationship or one night stand:

School or work:
or.. skrg tgh tunggu spm result.. cuak2!! =O

Love or money:
50-50.. i choose or

Movie or music:

Country or city:
erh.. city?

Sunny or rainy days:
sunny tp xsunny sgt

Friends or family:
family 1st, br frens

Have you Ever

yup.. sape yg xpnah?

Stole something:
pemadam atas lantai.. cm xde org nak je.. ksian lak

i h8 smokers

Hurt someone close to you:
cubit, pukul, picit pipi, oh perkare biase... hahahXD

Broke someone's heart:
em... yes... i had no other choice

Wonder what was wrong with you:
cepat ske org, cpat lupe org

Wish you were prince or princess:
princess le..

Like someone who was taken:
mase blum tau, sukela.. lpas tau, cpat2 lupekan

Shaved your head:
r u crazy?

Used chopstick:
yup..tkial-kial.. there was no fork & spoon at that time..

Sang in the mirror to yourself:
yup! siap nari lagi.. pastu kntoi ngan akak & alang.. malu2!!



white choc

mardy bum-arctic monkeys

nina ricci

purple & pink!! (used to h8 pink soo much b4)

john tucker must die!!!

jesse mccartney, chris brown, jt, aliff aziz

Junk food:
cendawan goreng!


home sweet home

Animal :
cat, hamster

Ever cried over someone:
um...yes... but i promised myself i wont ever cry over some1 nemore

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
my tembam-ness

Do you think you're attractive:
i hope i am but i'm not

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
cinderella kot.. (waiting 4 my prince charming!!)

Do you play any sports:
shopping tu kire sports ke?


End time : 0030
tadi pegi umah org kawen.. mak pakse.. sbb kat rumah xde msk pape.. ade 3 houses, smpai nak pecah perut ni sumbat dgn nasik minyak!!

k k str8 to the point, mase the 3rd house tu, x jumpe seats yg boleh menempatkan aku,mak,abah,kakak sesama.. so kitorg pon bdiri, pandang keliling, buat pub.. adela this 1 guy.., dlm umur2 aku gak, usha je aku.. ai cewah!! hahah btol la ni.. aku pon pndang ar die kan.. pastu die xtoleh tmpat len pon, pndang je aku.. cam pelik je, aku pon buat xtaw je r pndang tempat len.. pastu, lame2 sket, toleh2 kat die, die still pndang aku agi.. aik, lawa sgt ke aku arini? hahahh perasantan btol!

dah jumpe pon seats.. mkn2, pikir2, rase cam ade something psl org td.. mase on the way back, dlm kereta tu, baru laa teringat...

pttla mcm knal.. he's my old friend when i was in primary school le.. diela the 1st guy yg pnah marah aku trok gle baboon punye smpai kejar aku, nak blasah aku.. uwaaaa pengalaman ngeri,man... mase tu baru darjah 3... yela, spe suro ejek bestfren aku smpai nanges, aku pon gi la marah die (bajet heroin!! hihi) pastu, die pon hangin 1 badan, dikejarnye aku.. aku pon lari keliling classroom tu.. seb bek aku genius gak ar mase tu, aku gi lari masok girls toilet... hahaha.. die pon xmsk toilet tu...

lame2 bestfren aku dtg & inform yg aku dah slamat. cikgu dah gi marah die.. die nangis doh.. omg, aku rase bersalah lak! hahah, itulah die laki yg lame mengusha aku kat umah org kawen td.. haha.. dah besar da budak tu.. (cam aku xmembesar je..hahah)
new babies =)
yesterday i went shopping with my family. my sis wanted to buy some jeans for the new semester and i... i saw the sign 50% off and i went crazy searching for a new tshirt!! but suddenly, the worker came and stood beside me and stare and frown and sigh and i ran off to my parents.. sibuk je. xjadi beli. hahah. but thank God i found a perfect pink sweater! billabong, man..(ciplak punye..murah2!)

then, mase my sis nak bayar, the cashier silap kira. RM 44 for 2 jeans! and my sister was like 'hey, is that the total amount for 2 jeans? r u sure?'.. cashier tu malu kot. die senyap je pastu tgk balik harga. hahah kene bayar lg RM56.. mak kate, patutnye tadi xyah tegur.. hahah!!

then, we went to pasar malam.. (pasar mlm yg same mase aku beli cendawan goreng). pastu tnampak kedai hamster yg hamster2nye sgtlah cute!!! ade this 1 hamster bdiri tgk kitorg and right then, i knew i have to buy it!! pastu belilah sepasang..

jantan tu bname= justin tembamlake
betina tu name=miley kurus

sbenanye nak bg name nurifeerza lidyana & daniel iskandar tp mak kate pjg sgt name tu..haih..

ni sangkar diorg:

and here's justin tembamlake:

and there's miley kurus:
diorang dah couple! ;P :

a very touching book-menggapai bintang

i give 5 star for this book

not because i'm a huge fan of syeikh muszaphar (his family calls him amus) but this book really deserves it!!

basically, this book is about amus' late brother, ajil. actually, ajil made a book for amus when amus was still in ISS. but before the book is published, ajil had returned to Allah. and so the whole family members continued writing the book and dedicate it to ajil.

these are the touching parts:

"ajillah yang paling teruja bila nama saya termasuk dalam senarai terpilih ke angkasa lepas. ajil memberitahu semua orang tentang rasa bangganya terhadap saya. semasa proses pemilihan, dialah yang mendorong saya dengan bersungguh-sungguh"

"saya menoleh ke belakang melihatnya sebelum melangkah masuk ke pintu berlepas. tidak terlintas langsung difikiran saya bahawa saya tidak akan berjumpa dia lagi"

"saya teringin sangat berkongsi pengalaman saya ke angkasa lepas. terlalu banyak yang hendak saya kongsi dengan ajil. tapi takdir tidak mengizinkan"


"sebaik sahaja ambulans tiba di hospital, ajil dibawa ke unit kecemasan. ajil sedar tetapi kelihatan agak keliru. apabila saya menghampirinya, die menjerit ke arah saya 'amus, tolong ajil!'"

-opik, abang

this is the saddest part:

"sepatutnya abahlah yang pergi dahulu bukannya ajil yang masih muda.. pada saat itu, abah berharap kalaulah abah boleh minta Allah tukarkan nyawa kita, ajil hidup dan abah mengambil tempat ajil. sememangnya tiada sesiapa yang dapat menggantikan tempatmu anakku, selama-lamanya. terlalu banyak kenangan kita bersama. malah kita berkongsi nama yang serupa. -ajil pernah bertanya mengapa abah menamakan ajil begitu"


Alfatihah buat arwah ajil....

cendawan goreng experiment succeeded!!! XD
last week i went to pasar malam and bought a cup of cendawan goreng...
i fell in love with it right at that very moment i ngap the cendawan goreng.. <3

and so, after i ate all, i angau for a few minutes..

& deep in my heart, i know i can eat it again..
i know i can cook it..
yes, i know i can!!
but how?

ikutilah jejak kasih eju terhadap cendawan goreng XD :

aku mintak 3bungkus cendawan dari mak,
so aku pon koyak2 pkai hentam keromo aje

and i took 2ketul telor dr peti ais and gaul gaul gaul gaul gaul gaul gaul

and here's the magic powder which i bought in the family store for only RM1.60 ;)

dub dab dub dab dub dab dub dab
berdebar debar jantungku menuangkan minyak dengan tgn menggegel bak fon tgh vibrate

gosh.. i've never done this before, man... i mean, masak cendawan goreng..
and i don't even know how..
hentam je, tengok jadi ke x.. XD
xpe2 try 3 ketul dulu

bau wangi!!!
cam ok je...
after siap, i asked my mom and dad to eat them first
'ok2.. jadilah ni!'

so aku sambung siapkan semua dgn hati gumbirah...

and... VOILA! cendawan goreng, ready to be served.... XD

my sis aritu tetibe rajin, die buat dadih...
so, keje aku, makan je!! hihi........

nyum..nyum..nyum... tgk tv.. nyum.. nyum.. tgk tv..

toleh bawah

ya,Allah!!!!!! the dadih is alive!!!
it has a pair of eyes, and a mouth..

unbelievable? tgk jela bawah ni

i thought i was dreaming.. so aku ngap ngap ngap ngap je smpaila licen...

the next day, i ate another dadih..
OMG, bapak die nak tuntut bela!!!

tp xpe, i know i can beat him.. so i took the spoon and ngap ngap ngap smpai licen..

terbayang2 muke dadih tu...XO

tp sedap ar!! hihi....

baru buat r
eju buat new blog wlaupun dh ade sbb my siblings sume dah taw blog tu.., so.. i dont hav freedom to write watever i want.. like having a crush on somebody & all.. sbb nnti the whole family taw.. haish =( so nanti2 la ek eju update blog ni hihihi

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